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Our Easter Home Decor! Only $25 Spent!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hey Ya'll!! I am so excited to reveal my home decor for this Easter. As most of you already know, I am afraid of COLOR! Meaning, my home is very neutral and to be honest, color has always been something I feared. I know, it is a sad reality.

This year, I was going to "spring" up my home in greens and yellows, but a little birdie on my shoulder was begging me to decorate with all the spring colors. So since I have to share this home with him, aka Mr. Wonderful, I decided to cave in and make him happy =)

So with a heavy heart, I did! I scoped out our home, made mental notes and headed to the store to gather materials and supplies.

In my title, I mentioned that I only spent $25... yup, this is so true! Wanna know? Continue to follow =)

Take Note: The Dollar Tree is your friend. A kind, gentle, generous friend! One who you can turn to when budget is tight. All you have to do is activate your creative mojo and let your imagination run free when you walk in that door!

The key is to scope out your home and see how you can dress it up with a Spring Fling =)

I had a lot of jars and vases hanging around the house. I decided to use these babies and fill them up with pretty goodies.

I bought one bag of crinkled paper for grass and Easter snow globes to place inside.

This snow globe is my favorite. I love the bunny pulling the Easter cart basket.

In the center, I also added crinkled paper and placed three styrofoam eggs and adorned them with a simple ribbon for that extra added "awww".

The Dollar Tree had a ton of peonies. In all shapes and sizes. 6 per bunch. My heart was literally fluttering when I saw the wall of peonies. <3

I took this hurricane vase I made for our guest room and placed a pretty peony inside.

I did the same with this hurricane but instead, placed a hydrangea inside.

Can you believe I only spent $12 to create all three of these spring wreaths?

There is nothing better than a cutie patootie arrangement being held in a milk glass vase.

{{btw, one bag of crinkled grass (grass from the Dollar Tree) lasted me all four arrangements}}

Oh hello my pretty little dining table centerpiece.

I only spent $4 on this arrangement.
- 2 bunches of peonies
- 2 packs of glittered styrofoam eggs

{I already owned the milk glass vase and manzanita branches}

Now this wreath was super easy and super fun!

All I basically did was take my fall wreath, pulled out all the fall flowers and added one bunch of pink peonies. I also added 2 colored wired ribbon for a completed look.

To top it off, I added the left over eggs that I had lying around.

And there you have it! Our Easter decor for just under $25!! Earlier I mentioned I had a heavy heart about deorating with tons of color, well I am happy I did! It is so bright and full of cheer! I hope you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed creating =)

Do you usually decorate for Easter?

Our Love Day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today is the big day. Where everyone wants that special day with that special someone. I have been lucky enough to spend this day with the love of my life... MR. EVERYTHING for the last ten years.

We've done just about everything you could imagine a couple to do on Vday... so this year, our 10th year celebrating... we decided to do it a bit differently...

For starters, we both took the day off! Yeehaw! Then, we both agreed that we would do absolutely NOTHING but stay in the house and cuddle under the blankets watching our favorite movies while vegging out on some good old comfort food.

Mr. Wonderful's movie pick was none other than... you've guessed it... TOP GUN! lol

and of course, I chose a woman's fav... HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS!

I "slaved" in the kitchen whippin up a great slow cook recipe "Zesty Chicken BBQ". This dish will be served over garlic mashed potatoes and fresh steamed vegetable meadley. YUM! You can find the recipe here. Super easy! =)

And to top it off... we will end the eatery festivities with the hubs all time favorite dessert... YELLOW CAKE with CHOCOLATE FROSTING! {I love my simple man!}

Other than sharing our days schedule, I also wanted to share my V-Day throw pillows I made a few days ago.

INTRODUCING MY NO-SEW THROW PILLOWS. Well, I stitched the heart, but I still consider it a no-sew :p lol

aaaand, a close up! =)

So, there you have it. A simple day that is simply perfect for us!

Do you have any plans today?

Extreme Couponing! Our first attempt!

Monday, February 6, 2012

So this is it! Our first attempt at being extreme coupon'ers.

I was totally freaking out about it possibly not working... so we decided to take it slow the first time around.

Our first "purchase" was a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs and a bottle of OJ for the grand total of... wait for it... wait for it...

ZERO DOLLARS!! wahoo! That is 100% total in savings!

IT REALLY WORKS! And I am excited to really start couponing! YAY for saving a buck or two!


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