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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

okay readers. This is the post ya'll have been waiting for! Please caution yourselves as this home is my little diamond in the rough but to others, it's just a big fat mess!

Here is what we will be working on...

Good bye yucky carpets.
{we'll be laying down pergo floors)

oh yes we did photo 2908488-6

Adios Mr. Big Ginormous Hideous bar in the family room! I will not miss you!

oh yes we did photo 2908488-7

oh yes we did photo 2908488-8

See ya later linoleum in laundry room and bathrooms.

oh yes we did photo 2908488-9

Mr. Pergo, sad to see you go. Although you're in perfect condition, I just can't have you in the kitchen...

or the foyer. Tah-Tah!

See you never weird wall in the garage! Your purpose in this home did not serve a good one. Both you and I know. I think it's only right that I tear you down!! You've been a very bad wall! A hazardous one at that!!

Oh Mr. Electrical... you have been a pain in our a$$ during the time of purchase. NOT COOL! I am so happy to have PG&E replace you. PEACE OUT!

oh yes we did photo 2908488-13

Oh my poor sweet sink. What ever happened to you? You leak, your faucet isn't attached and you do not have a sprayer. Poor thing. It is time to retire you.

That are a few spaces I did not post that will be getting a new face lift. I will update that soon.

But for now, it's DEMO TIME!!!

House Hunting: WE GOT THE HOUSE!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

and then ends in such a sweet ending.

After 90 days of hustling, this is what we got.

oh yes we did photo 2908488-4

Isn't she a beaut!

oh yes we did photo 2908488-5

Mr. Wonderful and I decided we wanted a fixer upper to make our oWn. What was most important was the layout, space and foundation that brought warmth and charm. We are truly blessed to get exactly that!

There are a few things that we will be changing in this home and in fact, our contractor has been ripping A LOT out this past week! YAY! But before I get to the fun stuff, I would like to take you all down memory lane of what really happened while purchasing this home.

Are you ready? I's suggest you buckle up because this, my friend, is going to be a bumpy road!


  1. JANUARY 12 - Submitted our first offer with an FHA loan (offer wasn't accepted due to home not being up to FHA level of expectations)
  2. JANUARY 13 - Submitted 2nd offer using a Homepath loan
  3. JANUARY 20 - Offer accepted
  4. JANUARY 27 - We're in contract. Loan process begins
  5. FEBRUARY 20 - Didn't get approved with Homeloan and switch to a 203k Rehab Loan. We spoke with the sellers (Fannie Mae) transaction Coordinator and made a verbal agreement that we were doing so. The coordinator said to proceed with the new loan
  6. MARCH 7 - Fannie Mae PULLED THE DAMN PLUG! Looks like there is no such thing as a "Verbal Agreement" in the Real Estate world. RULE OF THUMB: If there is any changes when purchasing a house... WRITE AN ADDENDUM!! No Qs asked! Just do it!
  7. MARCH 8 - House was put back on Market and we resubmitted our offer.
  8. MARCH 9 - Bidding War with two other offers! (UGH, so annoying)
  9. MARCH 14 - WE WON and is back in the house! Wahoo!
  10. MARCH 15 - {A 203k loan is a rehab loan meaning you must hire a contractor to fix the home in up and running condition} Got 3 bids from 3 different contractors to fix the house.
  11. APRIL 15 - Got an appraisal done on the home. It came back 20k under our contract price! {OMG! You have got to be kidding me, right?!}
  12. APRIL 16 - Negotiated with Fannie Mae to lower the contact price.
  13. APRIL 20 - Fannie Mae met us half way and lowered it 10k and we had to come up with the other 10k to meet appraisal.
  15. APRIL 29 - WE GOT THE KEYS!!!!!!
And that's a wrap ladies and gents. Mr. Everything and I have a home! A home to finally call OUR HOME! Yeehaw.

Tomorrow's post: DEMO TIME.

HOUSE HUNTING: Signing Docs!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

And we finally get to meet face to face with Mr. Escrow!

Oh hello Stewart Title. What a pleasure meeting your acquaintance. Especially under these circumstances. Rather special I must say! ;)

Below is a picture of the million pages of signing. Thank goodness for our mom to be there to read between the lines. She has been a saving grace in this process and I am so glad she was with us till the end.

{{Note the tired look on my face! This is how one looks after 90 days in contract. Swollen, tired and just doooone! lol}}

After a few hours of signing docs and submitting our deposit we decided the best way to end the night is to have breakfast as our dinner! And that is exactly what we did. Yummmm. The best!

Just a few more days until it's ours!! YAY!

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