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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

okay readers. This is the post ya'll have been waiting for! Please caution yourselves as this home is my little diamond in the rough but to others, it's just a big fat mess!

Here is what we will be working on...

Good bye yucky carpets.
{we'll be laying down pergo floors)

oh yes we did photo 2908488-6

Adios Mr. Big Ginormous Hideous bar in the family room! I will not miss you!

oh yes we did photo 2908488-7

oh yes we did photo 2908488-8

See ya later linoleum in laundry room and bathrooms.

oh yes we did photo 2908488-9

Mr. Pergo, sad to see you go. Although you're in perfect condition, I just can't have you in the kitchen...

or the foyer. Tah-Tah!

See you never weird wall in the garage! Your purpose in this home did not serve a good one. Both you and I know. I think it's only right that I tear you down!! You've been a very bad wall! A hazardous one at that!!

Oh Mr. Electrical... you have been a pain in our a$$ during the time of purchase. NOT COOL! I am so happy to have PG&E replace you. PEACE OUT!

oh yes we did photo 2908488-13

Oh my poor sweet sink. What ever happened to you? You leak, your faucet isn't attached and you do not have a sprayer. Poor thing. It is time to retire you.

That are a few spaces I did not post that will be getting a new face lift. I will update that soon.

But for now, it's DEMO TIME!!!


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

It's gotta be exciting to demolish and then start to put in your own touches!

Good luck and have a lovely week!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Pop Champagne said...

good luck with the project renovation! I'm sure it will look lovely. and haha yeah I love Vanessa Hudgens style and she's so pretty!

getrealweddings said...

Your house looks like its going to be beautiful; a diamond in the rough for certain. Have fun with the demo!

JIN @ Elephant Juice said...

It had great bones - I know you're gonna do something amazing

Faith said...

what a great house! i can only imagine how incredible it is going to look when you do all that work ... so excited to follow this journey with you!!!

Frugalista said...

So exciting! We just bought our house last year. No major demo required but we plan on re doing our kitchen and floors next year. Just upgrade kind of stuff. The process is such a roller coaster! It seems that it doesn't go super smoothly for ANYBODY! Congrats and have fun with it.

Kat said...

Yayyy!! I finally become your follower via PW! So glad you have a blog because I can't wait to see your house progress unfold!

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