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HOUSE HUNTING: Signing Docs!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

And we finally get to meet face to face with Mr. Escrow!

Oh hello Stewart Title. What a pleasure meeting your acquaintance. Especially under these circumstances. Rather special I must say! ;)

Below is a picture of the million pages of signing. Thank goodness for our mom to be there to read between the lines. She has been a saving grace in this process and I am so glad she was with us till the end.

{{Note the tired look on my face! This is how one looks after 90 days in contract. Swollen, tired and just doooone! lol}}

After a few hours of signing docs and submitting our deposit we decided the best way to end the night is to have breakfast as our dinner! And that is exactly what we did. Yummmm. The best!

Just a few more days until it's ours!! YAY!

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