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Our Dance Floor Decal is IN!

Friday, May 28, 2010

We totally fell for all the hype of a dance floor decal... and what do ya know? WE GOT ONE!!!

Thanks to Kelly from Wallspoken (a vendor on etsy) for making us this incredible decal. It measures out to a whopping 40x40 decal and is finished in a creamy color Wallspoken calls linen.

So we all know that a "dance floor decal is meant for the "dance floor", right? Well I'm rethinking the actual location for this decal. I was thinking the foyer??? The decal would look fab on the marble tiling and it would give the first "WOW" factor as you first walk in.... hmmmm?

{Below is our foyer}


Our Custom Made Matchboxes!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To go along with our cigar bar, we decided to have our guests light each cigar with a swanky custom made matchbox made specially for our big day!

We ordered 100 of them babies from The Knot Wedding Shop.

We decided on a metallic bronze box topped off with gold foiling for the print.

We used the ever-so famous quote for matches "The Perfect Match" and customized it by adding our names and wedding date.

YAY! I'm so happy with them. Now our cigar bar is COMPLETE!!

DIY Moss Letters!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

For those of you who aren't aware, I am being thrown the best bridal shower ever. And what better way to celebrate a bridal shower other than a having a GARDEN TEA PARTY! Yay!

I thought moss letters would be a perfect addition and decided to take up this crazy DIY project!

I purchased ENORMOUS letters {monogram style} from Mr. Woody {a seller on etsy of course!}. I had all 3 letters custom sized. The "J" and "R" stands 18 inches tall as the "N" stands a whopping 28 inches. haha. {a little overboard can ya say?}

I purchased the vibrant green sheet moss from Natural Green Moss Products via eBay. I chose "sheet moss" because it is easier to work with and finished the letters with a more clean and even look as oppose to using loose moss.

All that was left to do was to cut by size...

and glue the sheet moss to the wooden letter.
{using a glue gun is the best method for this project}

After about 2 hours of perfecting my moss gluing mojo, I was very, very please with the outcome!


And there ya have it! Easy, breezy, beautiful moss covered letters!

DIY Unity Candles!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Although I created this myself....

All credit goes to Kristin from i do originals for giving me a ton of inspiration. Without her creative ways, who knows what kind of candle situation I would be in! Thanks girl! ;)

This was probably one of my favorite DIY projects. Not only was it easy breezy but the sentimental value behind these 3 candles. WOW! Unity! Where two becomes one. YIKES! :p

Ramon and I had a discussion about us "two" will "become one"! Ya know, like, how will we communicate as husband and wife. Who will we handle the funds. We even went over the topic of {a few years from now} who will get the kids ready. HA!

Here's our GAME PLAN: Ramon will get ready first. While he's getting ready, I'll get the kid{s} ready. After they're ready, Ramon will relieve me and I'll start getting ready. lol. Ramon even said they'll have movie time since it takes me FOREVER to get ready. {hey, what can I say? I like taking my time}

Anywho, back to the candles. lol

Don't cha just love em?

DIY Reserve Signs!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ramon and I opted out on decorating our ceremony. We decided to leave our church just the way it is. However, we did get to have a little bit of fun making awesome reserve signs for our parents, bridal party and Godparents.

The design was made by me and Alex brought it o life.

We decided to spruce it up a bit by adorning both flourishes with a simple amber crystal which was purchased in the dollar bin at Michael's! We also incorporated a black plash using a gold shimmery card stock paper to boarder the main sign.

We attached a 2.5 inch double faced satin ribbon in a "old gold" color to use to hang on the pews of the church. To give the ribbon a finished look, we clipped the edges and sealed it with clear nail polish to avoid from fraying.

We made a total of 6 signs. This was probably the easiest DIY project by far!

YAY for another thing checked off the list! Phew!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

With only seven and a half weeks left, our menus have been designed and ready for mass production. I am so happy to admit, I designed these lovelies and the famous Alex of Illustrated by Alex brought them to life {I totally heart her}

*** Please excuse the "no flash" pictures. Bad house lighting + bright camera flash = horrible photos

To add more dimension, we decided to embellish each menu with two beautiful crystal rhinestones

The flourish was probably the most important design aspect I just had to have. I searched and searched for months for the perfect design and I must say, I think I found a WINNER!

Since time is quickly passing and expenses are running rapidly, we decided to take a practical route by adding a boarder to our menu's. I must say, we made the right decision. The boarder definitely completed the look with money and time saved! =)

And check our our place settings with our menus acting as the center of attention.
What a show off! lol

We really wanted something unique when it came to our napkin treatment. We played around and this is what we came up with.

We'll be taking advantage of our venues "stock" linen napkins and presenting them like so. A pretty bow tie that has been incorporated throughout our wedding.

We completed the look by wrapping a 2 inch satin gold ribbon

Hope you love it as much as we do!

1 down! 300 to go!

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