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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

With only seven and a half weeks left, our menus have been designed and ready for mass production. I am so happy to admit, I designed these lovelies and the famous Alex of Illustrated by Alex brought them to life {I totally heart her}

*** Please excuse the "no flash" pictures. Bad house lighting + bright camera flash = horrible photos

To add more dimension, we decided to embellish each menu with two beautiful crystal rhinestones

The flourish was probably the most important design aspect I just had to have. I searched and searched for months for the perfect design and I must say, I think I found a WINNER!

Since time is quickly passing and expenses are running rapidly, we decided to take a practical route by adding a boarder to our menu's. I must say, we made the right decision. The boarder definitely completed the look with money and time saved! =)

And check our our place settings with our menus acting as the center of attention.
What a show off! lol

We really wanted something unique when it came to our napkin treatment. We played around and this is what we came up with.

We'll be taking advantage of our venues "stock" linen napkins and presenting them like so. A pretty bow tie that has been incorporated throughout our wedding.

We completed the look by wrapping a 2 inch satin gold ribbon

Hope you love it as much as we do!

1 down! 300 to go!


Lauren said...


Chocolate Lover said...

Look beautiful!

Faith said...

so beautiful and unique. i love it!

can't believe how close you are!

My Dream Ring said...

So elegant, glassy and beautiful!!

sonya said...


dailyinteriors said...

I love how everything tied together!

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