Here, I will chonical the days of my life. My journey as a wife and learning how to be Mrs. Wonderful to my Mr. Everything. My adventure in making our first house into a cozy home. My love for romance and beauty as an event coordinator and sharing my excitement for all things pretty in between. My So here it is, raw and uncut. Our story, Our life, One Blog at a time.

Our Wedding

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our wedding day was a dream come true!

This day was simply... perfect! It's where I put on my white dress. Strapped on my crystal heels and clipped on my long cathedral veil. It's where my daddy locked arms with me and walked me down the aisle. It's when I kissed the man of dreams for the first time as my husband. It's when my high school sweetheart became my MR. EVERYTHING!

Below is a timeline of wedding day. For a complete story, please click on the title above each picture.


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