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RECAP! Wedding Details! Details! Details!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Isn't it the little things that make it count. That make the hours spent till wee morning of crafts and headaches all worth it. Well I'm one that says it DOES!! I mean, come on... you can see for yourself =)
Sign-In Table was so sentimental to me. We had a family tree which was represented in picture frames. In the center, it was an 8x10 colored picture of Ramon and I from our engagement photo session. On each side of our 8x7, there was a 5x7 black and white photo of our parents at their wedding. And then we followed the tradition by adding 4x7 picture frames of each set of grandparents also in black and white.

Check out my awesome DIY Card Box.

Another DIY project, well, SEMI, I had help from the infamous graphic designer, ILLUSTRATED BY ALEX!!

Another DIY project that I am so proud of. I love my table numbers!

Here is where my bridesmaids placed their bouquets at the head table.

Now on to the centerpieces!

We had beautiful tall organic arrangements. Filled with lush roses and hydrangeas and dripping crystals.

Another centerpiece was a simple dome of ivory roses. Simple and elegant.

And I loooved this last centerpiece. A DIY piece I might add. We had about 15 cylinder vases standing at varied heights. We dropped votive candles at the bottom and scattered a thick bed of roses around the vases. You could see these centerpieces from across the room! It completely illuminated the whole table.

When we opened the dance floor, we offered all the ladies to help themselves to a pair of Old Navy flip flops. They were in love with me by the end of the night. What a difference It makes to be comfy.

And another DIY project with the help of Alex! Our menus adorned with a clear crystal placed on the top and bottom.

Check out the breath taking views taken from the ballroom terrace.

Our venue at night lined with luminaries.

Did I mention details are everything to me? Well, just in case... check out the hanging votives I made to decorate the umbrellas.

Well, that's it for now.
Grand Exit!!


Bicoastal Bride said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I love your regal floor decal.

Anonymous said...

Your wedding was incredibly gorgeous!! Amazing job with every single detail! Beautiful!

Faith said...

how beautiful! your details were out of this world! i always knew your wedding was going to be incredible!!

Jennifer said...

What a gorgeous wedding! Makes me want to get married all over again just so I can plan it again! Every detail was perfect! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
Scissors & Spatulas

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