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And the House Hunt BEGINS!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

As of November of last year, Mr. Wonderful and I began our very first adventure as husband and wife. We like to call it PROJECT: HOME!

Our quest in finding our first home has been some what of a ... emotional roller coaster? That may even be an understatement. Thus far, we have viewed over 45 homes. Yup, you read right! 45 homes! We've seen them all! From old fixer uppers to grand and over the top homes. We've seen newly built homes with open floor plans and we've seen older homes where each room offered it's own charm.

When it comes down to it, Mr. Wonderful and I finally decided on what type of home fits our personalities best. We've completely fallen in love with the style and grace of older homes. Homes filled with stories and homes with with charm. Homes that have brick fireplaces and homes that offers a "separate" room for dining. A home where guests are greeted by a grand foyer and followed by a chefs kitchen. lol, yup, that is what we decided on. Sounds like a dream... doesn't it?

Well, I am happy to say, that we have found just that. Or at least close enough to it. lol. Cross your fingers that we score! {pics coming soon}

Until then, I have decided to play "make-believe" in this home.

And here "I am" greeting my guests. lol.

{{lol... this is my ultimate dream home. One day... one day}}


LC said...

LOVE that house! lol! A girl can dream, nothing wrong with that! ;)

Faith said...

that is one gorgeous house!!!! can't wait to see your house!!! :)

JIN said...

I hope everything works out for you guys - I'm sending some prayers your way!

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