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House Hunting: 40 homes...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

and counting!

Mr. Special and I have seen just about every type of home you could imagine. Due to the downward spiral of the economy, we have been bLESsed to see more than just the "average" starter home. So to say the least, we are pushing harder than ever to get into a home as soon as we can.

{{Below are a few homes we have already looked at}}

On our "Must Have" list, we decided that a home just isn't a home without a formal dining room. We plan to host many dinner parties and intimate ones as well. What better way to do so but by having an area that is strictly dedicated to just that!

It gets super hot in the city we will be relocating to. Like sweaty hot. Like typically... 85-100 degrees hot on every summer day. The only way to cool off and thoroughly enjoy that blazing sun is by taking a dip into a swimming pool.

A two story home! We absolutely need our entertaining space completely and entirely separate from our sleeping space. Since Mr. Lovely and I have conflicting hours, quiet time in our bedroom is a must, around the clock.

A beautiful Chef's kitchen is a dream, not a must. However, I will settle for a kitchen that has potential to become a chefs kitchen... one day... some day....

and a few more to add to this list would be...

  1. 4 bedrooms

  2. 2.5 baths

  3. fireplace

  4. front yard (meaning grass!)

I know compromises are in line, but figured I'd share before those compromises take place.

What was/are on your "must have" list when buying you first home?


Chinyelu said...

I am in the process now as well! On my must-have list are:
Hardwood Floors
3+ Bedrooms
2+ Bathrooms

No compromises for me ... :)

Dale said...

That's so exciting you are househunting. Must be a lot of fun, but stressful too. I'm just renting, all I can afford in SF. hehe

All of these house pics are nice, I really like the top one. Good luck!


My Dream Ring said...

How exciting ( I missed you BTW)!! We are in the process of building more credit to qualify for a loan and will hopefully be looking to buy in about 9 months! Best of luck!

Pop Champagne said...

I wish I have a fireplace at my house too! sigh, but it's a bit too small for it... yeah I agree, a fancy dining area is also a must!

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