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We almost bought a NIGHTMARE on Elm Street home!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WARNING: This is not your usual post filled with sunshine rays and twinkling stars... It is a tragedy that I just so happened to stumble across while searching for our new home. If you're not so keen with death, I'd suggest to stop by tomorrow for my next post. For the rest of y'all, please read along...

A few months back in December, Ramon and I viewed 8 homes in one day and fell in love with two. House#1: A huge home sitting on a huge lot and in need of upgrades. House #2: Smaller home with all upgrades.

We decided to put in offer an on house #1. Later that night, all we could think about was house #2. So the next morning, we called our realtor and asked her to pull our offer. We drove to house #2 just to make sure we were making the right decision. We were excited. We were thrilled! We knew this was the one!

As we were walking towards the house, I noticed a lady down the street starring at us. I thought to myself, YES! This is perfect time to ask her what she thinks of the neighborhood. So I did just that. I walked up to her, introduced myself and shook her hand. She told me how quiet and peaceful the area was. I of course grinned ear to ear. That was a great sign since Mr. Lovely and I want to start a family of our own soon. She asked me which home I was interested in. I pointed down the street and my first glance back at her I noticed her whole demeanor changed. It was written all over her face that she had some concerns. She told me that that home is probably the best on the block and then she proceeded to ask if I was okay with everything that went on. I crossed my arms, shrugged my shoulders and shook my head side to side. I replied with "um, I know that someone had passed away... naturally? Possible in an elderly home?" She then got very upset and tears started forming in the corners of her eyes. I asked her what happened and she responded very stern "Ya know! They're suppose to tell you these kinds of things. These things MUST BE DISCLOSED!" I asked her again, what had happened?

and then she responded...

The family that lived in this home were her good friends. She and they were the first owners on the block so naturally they had a great bond.

A few months back, June to be exact, the husband found out the wife was having an affair on him. Later that night, he sent their 14yr daughter and 9yr son off to their friends house for a sleep over. He drove back home, walked into the bedroom and shot his wife in the head. He then himself shortly after. This home now became a murder-suicide scene.

When we first viewed the property, we thought it was kind of cool that they staged the place. But sweetie. That was no staging... that was their furniture! Their dishes.

Their office and paper work. We thought it was a little odd that a HUGE chunk of carpet was ripped out of the masters floor and the mattress was missing from the bedroom set.

The spookiest part about this is in the "her" closet... her clothes were still hanging up

and his truck was still parked in the driveway... in the same position... after he dropped off his kids to proceed in this frightful event.

The saddest part is that you could tell which kid slept in which room. You could see how they set their rooms up by looking at the dresser/bed/desk/shelves indents in the carpets. The boys room was painted blue and still had a few posters/pics of himself and friends hanging on the wall and a few toys still left in the closet. The girls room was painted purple, hangers still in the closet and a few school supplies left.

Their food was still in the darn pantry. It would be one thing to walk in there bare of nothing and try to paint a picture but in this home, you didn't even have to try. It speaks for itself.

The weirdest thing about it is this tragic incident happened on my bach night. Two weeks before our wedding. It was the time in our lives where we started our marriage and it was the time where theirs literally ended. So sad.

So to say the least... the hunt continues....


Bicoastal Bride said...

Oh, how awful and creepy! At least you found out about it!

The Green Eyed Lady Blog said...

OMG...that is too much and Thank God you ran into one of the neighbors!

JIN @ Elephant Juice said...

wwwwwoooooowwwww! Thank goodness you ran into that neightbor - how sad and spooky! And shame on those people for showing the house like that - that's so odd

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