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Love Letter: Tiana

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tiana my love...

You win my heart every time I come encounter with your gorgeous smile. You light the room with your presence and warm it up with your big hugs and kisses. You're the third one with my nieces and nephews and I am so bLESsed to have you in my life.

Last Friday, I surprised you at your dance class. You've been dancing for the last couple of months and I am just amazed at how much you have grown. You've made so many friends. You mentioned that a little boy named Michael is your best dancing buddy.

When it is your turn on the balance beam you tend to get a little nervous.

But after a few steps with your instructor, you slowly build up courage and you are off all by yourself! Look at you go!

There is never a hesitation on the trampoline. You have the time of your life on that thing! It's so adorable watching your curls bounce up and down.

You've become so flexible. You're instructor says you'll be in the splits in no time! Your mommy was always so good at that. At one time. she was able to do all three slits! And ya wanna know a little secret? I'm sure she can still do it. Ask her next time! ;)

After each of your performances, all your buddies forms a line to take a bow.

You're so proud of yourself after your dances. You have the hugest grin on your face as if you were saying in your mind "I DID IT!"

After class, you get to go crazy for a bit. And crazy is exactly what you do! WITH HULA HOOPS! You see the other kids twirling their hoops around their hips and the competitive spirit comes out. You attempt to follow their lead.

But after a few attempts, you come to realize that that thing just aint spinnin'.

So when in doubt... throw that thing around! You're awesome at that! You know how to make it roll as if it were a wheel.

And at times, you can even pop-a-wheelie! YEEHAW!

In the car, you love to sing the coolest songs out. Your current listening tune is the Itsy Bitsy Spider. And you hit every note there is to hit! You're my little ROCK STAR!! YEA baaaby!

You love Auntie Toni's puppy, Baby Gurl. You always cuddle her. When Uncle Lovely holds her, you're always starring to make sure he is treating her with the same love and care as you do!

You have a personality that is bigger than this world!! You're hilarious!! When I ask you to strike a pose for auntie... this is what you do! haha! Had to capture this! Because this is who you are!

Your fascination for water is growing.

You love to be outside with your new favorite outdoor toys.... sticks!

Tiana my love... you are the only 3 year old that I can talk to on the phone with for a whole entire hour. You're so smart and the darnedest things come out of that little mouth of yours! So funny! Sometimes, we can talk all the way up to your bedtime. And I'm afraid that's when mommy starts to get a wee bit frustrated. She can not get us off the phone. I do have to admit that I don't help the situation since I tell you to tell mommy "NO! I want to talk to Auntie Jaryce." lol. I don't think she is buying it any more. So we may have to change our phone times a little earlier in the day =)

You were one of the 3 little angels {flower girls} that showered us with flowers on my wedding day. They all fell in love with you when you were walking down the aisle. Why? Because you were shushing everyone when they were saying "awww, how cute!" Why? Because mommy and daddy told you that you have to be verrrry quiet and be well behaved when you walk down the aisle. But in your mind, that meant, if you had to behave, EVERYONE had to behave. lol. We have it all on video. Too cute!

Mommy and daddy love you more than life itself. I don't think your daddy would know what to do with himself with out you in his life. Mommy says you are her best friend. She takes the best care of you. And makes sure she is right by you when you wake up to tell you how beautiful you are.

Although you're mommy's best friend... I know who your best friend is... ME!!! You tell me all the time. "Auntie Jaryce, you mah bess fren!"

Tiana, thank you for bringing so much fun, laughter and tons of smiles in my life. You are the coolest 3 year old around! Keep smiling baby doll.

Auntie loves you more than life itself!

{{Check out your moves here!}}

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