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RECAP: On My Way to Say "I DO"!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another calm moment. I really felt unstoppable! I never felt so right as I did at this moment. I was ready to become Mrs. Nobela!

My Maid of Honor, Jenni, was so good to me. She never once left my side. Without her, I do not know what I would've done.

Walking towards our stretch hummer was when the reality of this day started to kick in.

hehehe, check out my face in the photo below. Can we say "OH EM GEE"! eeek!

As for my nerves.... the moment of truth was now.... the first step I took... out of the hummer... onto church grounds.... where I would be professing my love.... in front of 275 people....

took place NOW!

....all there was left to do was to say those 2 simple words....


Bicoastal Bride said...

You look beautiful and so happy! Aren't those moments of anticipation the best?

JIN said...

your makeup is look so excited!!! i love it!

Faith said...

you are so beautiful! more, more, more!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

You were such a pretty bride! Loved all the details!Beautiful wedding! Congratulations!

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