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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our bridal party entrance was HIL-ARIOUS! People constantly came up to us saying it was the best entrance they have ever seen! My bridal party was off the hook! Each couple came into there own song of choice. One couple performed the fisherman catching a fish dance (La La La by Jay Z), another couple popped, locked and dropped it (Superman High by R Kelly), of course we HAD to have a couple break it down doing the robot (Blow the Whistle by Too Short) while the others were just wild'n out (Gangsta Nation by Westside Connection and Winner by Jaime Foxx) !!

And then there was the one who enjoyed every shot of tequila on the way to the venue. lol. I believe every bridal party has/had or will have one of these! lol. Can you guess which one I'm talking about? They guy or the girl? This couple funked out to Hypnotized by Biggie Smalls

But WAIT!! We can't forget about the Best Man and Maid of Honor coming out to Next Episode by Dr Dre!! GANGSTAS!!!

Check out my girl rockin' her thizz face!! HA! Love it!!

And last but definitely not least... MR & MRS RAMON NOBELA JR!! We came out to Swagga Like Us by T.I. and then remixed it with Run This Town Tonight by Jay Z ft Rihanna and Kanye West! We killed it!! Every single body in the building was on their feet JUICED!! Of course we had to gig it out.

Check our my baby rockin the Damon Dash move!!

And ending it reppin the ROC! (Can you tell he's down for Jay Z?)

So I had to come back and rep my ROCK!! heheh. Get it?! lol

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Kellie said...

I would have loved to seen those introductions! My hubs and I are HUGE Jay Z fans!

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