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Bio of the Week!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It is an absolute honor to be titled as BIO OF THE WEEK on Project Wedding! I am tickled pink with joy and excitement.
Click here to see this article recapping my wedding with sweet words and the amazing pictures my photographer has graced us all with... or click here to see where all the magic began =)
I joined Project Wedding (PW) in the summer of 2008 and it served was my saving grace while planning my wedding to include the thousands of brides that have contributed to the success of the happiest day of my life!
Thank you PW for all you are to me. I wear the BOTW crown with pride!


The Green Eyed Lady Blog said...

Im currently planning my wedding and your page on Project Wedding is AMAZING! I have a question for you...from the pics of your reception it doesnt look like you have a large centerpiece on each table. I wanted to know what did you use for the smaller centerpeices??

Jaryce21 said...

Green Eye: So sorry for the late response. I actually had a mixture of tall and low centerpieces. 1. curly willow cntp 2. candle cntp. 3. pomander ball 4. low lush cntp. This sunday will reveal all of our centerpieces to include close ups. Stay tunes =)

Faith said...

yay!!!! congrats!!!! well deserved!! :)

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