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DIY Engagement Favors!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

{catching up since I've been MIA!}

Ramon and I aren't really big on favors. So we thought long and hard and decided on music CD's. We figured, if the guests didn't like them, at least WE would have something to remember and listen to to remind us of this special time in our lives.

Introducing our TRUE labor of love!...

{front cover}



{Backside of CD. All done through PowerPoint}

{Side Labels}

This DIY project took us approximately 3 months to complete. We lightscribed 130 CD's. It took about 23 minutes to lightscribe each CD plus 5 minutes to burn the music and about 5 minutes to print, cut and assemble each front and back cover. So after all is said and done, each favor took us about 33 minutes to complete.

I ask myself:

1. Would I ever do this again? Hell to the NO!
2. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! :)

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