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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I repeat, this is a public service announcement!

We SCORED with our place setting purchase. We have all of our gold charger plates with 6 to spare. OMG! What a relief!

And get this! Can you believe we walked out of Walmart spending a little over $174 for all? That makes each plate equivalent to 63 cents each! Wow, what a bargain! Especially since I was getting quotes for $1.25 per charger JUST to rent.

OMG, you have no idea what a relief this is to me. I have been wanting gold chargers since the day I started planning my wedding and everywhere I've searched, they were asking an arm and a leg for them. And the places where I did find deals, they were located so far away that shipping costs would've kick my booty! So I told myself, that I would wait til Christmas of 2009 to purchase my chargers {since I knew Walmart sold red, gold and silver chargers as part of their Holiday Trim collection} and so I did. I waited and I waited. And what do you know, Christmas came and went.

I purposely waited to make my BIG move for December 26th in order for me to score first pick on the holiday Christmas clearance sale. So of course, to reassure that I get all I need, I had set my alarm Christmas night for 7am the following morning.

{source: Denver}

December 26th at 7am, I jumped up out of bed, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, colored in my eyebrows {{hehe}}

{source: Shutter Stock}

and was on my way.

When I arrived, I pretty much BOOKED it to the holiday section. lol. Like a bat out of hell. I made it, I spotted my items and from there on out.... it was GAME ON!

After an hour of scurrying through each and every box set, after breaking a sweat, after loading two carts filled of gold chargers, after making friends that just enjoyed watching me go crazy, after $174...I found myself here. In my home. Counting! And here they are.
{source: my crappy camera phone}

ALL 270 OF EM!

{source: my crappy camera phone}
Aren't they just a beauty!
For me, this was well worth the wait. Well worth the adrenaline rush. Well worth not sleeping in on my day off!
Consider me a HAPPY CAMPER! =)


My Dream Ring said...

ooooh love the new blog design...and congrats on scoring the chargers! What a relief :)

redwhitebride said...

congrats! that's a real deal!

WynnWedding said...

what an amazing deal... thanks for sharing! it's great to get what you really really want!!

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