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My Ring Bearer Pillow!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who would have thought a ring bear pillow would have ended up into an unexpected whirl wind? The time I have invested into discovering my dream ring pillow would've been a crime. My research became an obsession that took me to another world where I felt the need to examine each and every pillow carefully and thoroughly. I researched materials, fringes and crystals. I searched high and low in boutiques, department stores and little mom and pop shops.

It wasn't until I unexpectedly stumbled across a cute little shop called 5eizen through one of my favorite sites, etsy. It's funny how things happen to you when you least expect it.

After searching through her site and marking about 5 pillows as my favorite, I narrowed it down to this beauty.

I am the proud owner of this Elle Bloom Ring Pillow which was hand made using silk dupioni textures and graced by an array of whites, creams and ivories. And what tops it all off is knowing that my pillow was announced and featured by MARTHA STEWART herself!

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