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My Bridesmaids Bought Their Dresses!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Where my girls at?!!!!

from left to right
Top Row: Amy {childhood friend/neighbor of 20 years, Misty {future sister-in-law}, yours truly - ME!, Johna {my road dawg aka cousin} and Jady {my cousin the goofball}
Bottom Row: Carisa {my cousin}, Jennifer {my bestie, MOH and cousin}, Franchesca {my gorgeous cousin} and Lolla {my cousin; my soft spot}

We all met up in a cute little boutique called Dori Anne Veils located in Castro Valley. Although our visit wasn't the best and the owner was a tad bit rude, it was all worth it. Why? Because the price was right! Other boutiques were charging us $210 dollars for their gorgeous Bari Jay dresses and although we thought it was a fair price, I stumbled across this boutique which was offering the gown at $135 each. HA! So, of course, we were sold. Yea, we got scolded for being 10 minutes late and yea, the owner made a few rude comments to one of my bridesmaids about her measurements and yea, she told me not to try on a veil because it was very expensive..... hahahaha, need I say more? Absolutely not! Why? Because we saved about $75 per dress dealing with her. And that in itself was worth it. Oh well, ya win some {the price} and ya lose some {customer service}. But all in all, we made the best of it and left with a smile and of course a little extra cashola in the bank! lol

Here is Jenni getting her measurements!

Johna my love!

My Lolla, Bolla, Coca-Cola!

Lady Jady

Carisa Bo-Bisa

Franchesca Pea


Misty Ann

ooooh, and we can't forget about my sister Melody on the left! She was in my bridal party but unfortunately opted out since we just found out she's blessing our family with another beautiful baby {hoping it's a boy!}

Jady's sweet innocent smile. HA!

It's a Kodak moment

Helping Amy try on a random Bari Jay dress. lol

YAY! My turn! oh how I'd love to wear a crystal edged veil on my wedding day!

Trying on a mantilla veil for the fun of it.
For those of you who don't know, my girls will be wearing the eggplant floor length gown in the image below.


JIN said...

My girls wore Bari Jay too!!! Their dresses were in the raspberry color.

I'm so jealous that you were able to experience this with all your girls together. I only had 2 of my girls here with me, the rest were in New York + Jamaica - it was a very complicated and stressful process for me.

Glad you can finally cross that off your list!

Bicoastal Bride said...

How fun! The gown you chose is absolutely gorgeous.

Sak said...

wow!!!I love the crystal edged look so elegant and ur girls rock...Im so happy for the deal you got...

sony said...

Hawt girls!!! Love the dresses. Can't wait to see your big day!

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