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I'm Stuck... Flower Girl Dresses

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

As of now, I have yet to decide how to dress up our little rosey cheeked girlies. Why must everything be a debate?
Do I want little fairies or do I want little princesses? Do I want classic or do I want chic? Do I want their hair up or down? Do I want a flower in their hair or do I want it on their sash?
GEEZ LAWEEZ! Somebody STOP ME! Actually on second thought... don't. I need to get to the bottom of my flower girl dilemma. So, weekend... here I come!!!
Wish me luck!!! :/


Faith said...

Good luck but I don't think you need it! Everything you find is oh so fabulous!

Sak said...

hey dear, good luck and i am sure it will be fabulous. I gave you a blog award! check my page for the award.

My Dream Ring said...

Don't worry, trut will know when you see it. I hate Davids Bridal but a dress popped up on google images and I fell in love with it, I knew it was my girlies dress. But I refused to give DB any of my money so I ended up getting both dressesfrom ebay. LOL!

silkswatches said...

I confess, anyone who shows this much taste in the wedding planning should be our customer!

I hope you will visit for your flower girl dresses. All lovingly made and designed.

Marg Hyland, Founder

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