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Color Pallet

Thursday, December 11, 2008

To my surprise, choosing a color pallet is a bigger challenge than I've ever imagined. I have changed my colors time after time again. First I wanted the soft, classic look with colors of champagnes, golds and blushes. Not too long after deciding I came across this amazing wedding invitation which I fell completely in love with. Picture this: mocha, gold and ivory. I know, right? To Die For! So my mind was set. Good to go, right? WRONG! Oh so WRONG! Come July, I was searching for cake inspirations and look what I came across!... (gasp)

That's right. The motherload of cakes! Not only did I find my cake but I found my color pallet! Aubergine (eggplant), Gold and Kiwi accents. Who would've thought, ever in a million years, my color inspiration would come randomly through a cake. HA! Lovesit!
NOTE TO SELF: Start purchasing/booking/renting within this color scheme to prevent mental overload of constant color changes! STICKTUITY is the key! ***

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