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Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cards

Monday, December 29, 2008

I wanted to do something simple and elegant. Something that would set the tone for my wedding. I came across an amazing way to ask my bridesmaids from a lovely fellow bride off Project Wedding. Thanks Kohler44 for the inspiration!

What you'll need:

  • Invitation box set purchased from Office Depot. Includes: Card stock invites, RSVP cards, Monogram stickers, Invite envelopes and RSVP card envelopes.

  • Bridesmaid dress stamp @ $10.95 - 1.25 inch satin ribbon in Aubergine @ $0.92 each yard - Watermark stamp pad @ $4.99 - 10 oz. aubergine embossing powder @ $3.49, Embossing heating gun @ $22.00, Krazy glue pen @ $3.49 and Swarovski adhesive crystals @ $3.99 per pack was ALL purchased from Michael's Craft Store.

How To:

  1. Create on Word.
  2. Find/create a poem. Copy and paste onto your Word document.

  3. Make sure to adjust margins accordingly to card stock size.

  4. Change the font/font color to your likings.

  5. Allow at least 3-4 inches at the bottom for stamp.

  6. Print.


  8. Take your stamp and apply in your clear Watermark stamp pad.

  9. Gently but firmly stamp to the card stock. Hold for about 3-5 seconds and lift.

  10. Take your embossing powder and sprinkle it onto the stamp.

  11. Take your embossing heating gun and dry the powder approximately 4-6 inches away from card stock.

  12. Dry until you notice the powder creating a metallic look and a 3D feel.


  14. Take your Krazy glue pen and dab 3 dots on the belt line of the dress.

  15. Place a Swarovski crystal on each dot.
  17. Take your ribbon, tie a knot, bow or whatever you like...

...and VOILA! A beautiful card to ask your beautiful ladies to stand by you on your most important day of your life!

And we can't forget about our wonderful envelopes.

What You'll Need:
  • Envelopes from the invitation kit mentioned above.
  • Already made wax seals with engraved heart monograms.

How To:

  1. Print envelopes on Word - Envelopes and Labels
  2. Fill in the Delivery Address and Return Address
  3. Seal the back with the wax seals.



Doublebanker said...

Good, detailed instructions for this & a good idea. Never thought to send something like this out to the potential bridesmaids

Newport Nuptials said...

Those are super cute!

My Dream Ring said...

Very cute! I love these!

My Dream Ring said...

I hope you don't mind but I LOVED these, I went and purchased the supplies last night and I should be done in about two hours. THANKS SO MUCH for this wonderful idea. I was so stomped on how to ask them. THANKS AGAIN! I will post results.

Jessie said...

They look great! Something I could do too. I am jealous about your wax seal. Its perfect. Mine did never look like that.

Authentically U - Bride said...

I saw these on "My Dream Ring" blog and she referenced yu for the instructions and they are absolutely beautiful!! I think I'll make them tomorrow evening!! nThanks for the inspiration!!

Jaryce21 said...

Thanks ladies, but all the credit should go to our lovely gal, Ashley from Bride Sophisticate. You can find her in my "Blogs I Faithfully Follow" tab. Her creative mind is far and beyond. Check her out!!

Bride Sophisticate said...

You are such a sweetheart J! Im so glad the cards have inspired other brides to do them as well!


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