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Christmas Eve 2011 with the family

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hey Ya'll... To all the wives, spouses, significant others who worked so very hard in preparation for this Christmas holiday... WE DID IT! WE SURVIVED! And boy was it all worth it.

This year was my very first time hosting our annual Christmas Eve party. It funny, because earlier this year when Mr. Lovely and I were house hunting... let the truth be told... I was hunting for a house that fit perfectly for Christmas. We found it. We decorated it. And we partied it in... it was everything I imagined and so much more... to say the very least.

Any who, during the preparation of the party, my grandmother, Oma taught me many family traditions in the way our family celebrates Christmas Eve. And one of those traditions is where the lady of the home wears an apron sent from Germany that was past down year to year. I was honored to wear it this year. At the end of the night, I fell deeply in love with this apron. My grandmother saw how happy I was in this apron... she walked up to me, hugged me and whispered in my ear "It's yours. Merry Christmas". I jumped for joy. I love these kinds of things. Past down from generations. That have meaning and so much love attached. Thank you Oma. I love you forever.

As the clock was ticking closer and closer when the party began, the food was slowly pouring through the doors. I have never carved a turnkey nor a ham... but this night, I learned. Pretty interesting when it comes to carving. It's like an art. An art is well appreciate =)

However, I did discover the art of the spiral ham and I must admit... this is my kind of carving. All ya gotta do it pick and pull. Time saver and life saver. LOVE YOU SPIRAL HAM CREATOR! You are my new best friend! =)

Everyone came styling in their best Christmas attire. Especially this little cutie. She is my Godmothers baby girl, Kiki. She is almost as cute as my...

Sweet niece/Goddaughter Tianna. Isn't she a beaut?

In order to receive your gift, it is tradition to sing as a family in front of Santa and my grandparents a Christmas tune. In my early years, I remember just having 6 performance being sung. My mother and her 5 siblings would sing with each of their families. But as the years went by the families multiplied as the next generation began to make their own families. So what was 6 performances is now 13 performances.

Below is my mom and dad. Do you see Santa? {hehe, that's my baby brother, Jacob}

My cousin Franchesca, her boyfriend Josh and her son Christian.

My cousin Aubrey, her husband Victor and their 3 handsome boys.

My cousin Valerie, her boyfriend JT and their son TJ.

My cousin Chris, his wife Liona and their 3 beautiful boys.

Auntie Jeanie and Uncle Jerry

My uncle Frankie, Auntie Gina, Auntie Ginny, cousins- Taylorm Miki, Bugsy, Ryan and on the laptop/skype is my cousins Dane and Carrera which couldn't make it to the gathering but appeared for singing =)

My nina Tina & Nino Tony. My cousin Briana and her boyfriend Eric.

Myself and Mr. Wonderful singing Silent Night.

Uncle Pat, Auntie Jen and their two boys Brandon and Cole.

I was so happy that my husbands parents came to celebrate with us.

My daddy and his favorite 3 ladies!

I love this picture.
My mom and all her siblings {with the exception of her brother Eibe}

And that's all folks. I hope your Christmas holiday was filled with Family, Love, Joy and Laughter.

Hugs and Kisses


Faith said...

looks like it was such a success! congrats!

i am sure this means there is many more hostings to come :)

My Dream Ring said...

What an exciting experience! I <3 the apron, how sweet is that!! Looks like you did a fabulous job.

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