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FEATURING: Our Christmas Dinning Room

Monday, December 12, 2011

Being that we've only resided here for a few months, this room isn't as full of furniture and decor as we wish it would be but we made due with what we had and decorated it the best we could.

So without further ado, I present to you... our dinning room!

We decided to relocate our end chairs that go with our dining set and bring them down to the formal area. We've been on the hunt for the perfect wing back chairs or over sized comfy chairs for this space, but once again, decided to work with what we got... and I think it looks mighty fine here =)


I love it when you can take an old item such as this milk glass vase and recreate it into a modern arrangement just by piling pine cones inside...

Our table centerpiece...

My favorite part about decorating is thinking outside the box...
Flowers are not always a "must have" when creating the perfect centerpiece.
Here, I tool 3 apocrathy jars and filled them with simple holiday cheer:
1. Ornaments
2. Pine Cones
3. Freshly cut holly berries straight from our yard

One of my favorite parts of this room would have to be this pretty little display. Why? Because this gold leaf wreath compliments my parents mirror so well. This mirror means the world to me since it was one of the first items they purchased together as a married couple over 30 years ago.

And what is Christmas without a Nativity Scene?

After all, He is the reason for the season.

Welp, there ya have it, our dining room in a nut shell! =)

Have you decorated your dining area in Christmas Cheer?

UP NEXT: Our Winter Wonderland aka Our Family Room


Heather said...

Looks beautiful!

Faith said...

sooo beautiful! you have done such an amazing job in your home! i absolutely love it!

Pop Champagne said...

ohh pretty decorations, the dining room looks AMAZING!

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