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Our Christmas Card Display & Family Room Reveal

Monday, December 19, 2011


I'm super proud of this display... We stated off by posting our Christmas cards on our fridge. It was fine for the first 5 cards, but any card after that began to look a bit cluttered. We were not able to appreciate each card our family and friends sent us =( So, I had to come up with a solution...

I took a 9 foot ribbon all dazzled in shimmer and wrapped it around a pillar that we did not cover in garland. Bought a set of regular clothes pins....

and VOILA! A neat and organized holiday card display where each and every card is appreciated and loved by all =) Not bad for a $5 DIY project! All smiles here!

Here is where the kid in us came out... Decked out in colorful nutcrackers which my husband adores!

3 stockings.... for myself, the hubs and our baby Zeus! This year, I'll keep the stockings simple and plain... but who knows how these stockings will look next year in 2012. (hehehe)

This amazing garland was given to us by my auntie Jeanie! Bless her heart... When she brought it over, it was love at first sight!

Our little Christmas Village

Does this scene look familiar?

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE! Our brother Jacob Manibusan gave us the honor of displaying this gorgeous set at our house this year. ((Love you Jake!))

Well, that is it for today! YAY! Stay tuned for tomorrow's post! I'll be revealing the front of our house all dazzled in Christmas Cheer!! =)

In the meantime... how did you decide to display your Christmas cards this year?


Faith said...

SO pretty! This year I just have it on top of our bar ... not really a bar but that is the only way i can describe it ... i think next year, i will do something different and a bit more attractive, hehe.

My Dream Ring said...

Pretty Pretty!!!

Heather said...

Great card display and family room setup! We hang our cards along the bar in our living room.

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