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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our front porch totally makes me smile. I wanted it to be full of greens but a little pop of cheer to brighten things up.

For a little more eye candy, I tucked away a few hidden treasures underneath the poinsettia

And there he is... The Love of my Life... on his way to work!

Our house is now dripping icicles!
{Thank you baby for all your hard work. It sure paid off!}

All glowy and ready for Christmas.

Tonight, Mr. Lovely and I will be hosting our very first family Christmas holiday party. A guest list of 70 will be gracing our home tonight. Please send us your positive and cheerful vibes as we are anxious and nervous to throw our first big party at our house! Eeeek!

What about ya'll? What will you be doing tonight? Any special plans?


Faith said...

SO lovely!

have an amazing time hosting your first big party! i know it is going to go very well! can't wait to hear all about it :)

My Dream Ring said...

Awww its so pretty and classy!

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