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Classic Songs that brings a smile to my face.

Monday, January 5, 2009

When I hear these songs I think of love, romance, smiles and dancing on moonlight streets, lined with old vintage lamp posts. AND I also think of weddings!

I will make sure to add if not one of these songs to my play list, ALL of them. People say it's typical, cliche, expected... but I say HOW CAN ONE RESIST? They're timeless pieces that will be played forever!

Nat KING Cole- L-O-V-E

Frank Sinatra- The Way You Look Tonight

Etta James- At Last


Anonymous said...

Great music pics and loved chatting with you on the phone yesterday evening. Im excited!

I've awarded you on my latest blog post, take a look!

My Dream Ring said...

I love these classic picks, Etta James is one of my faves.

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