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Top 10 Trends for 2009 Weddings

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Her Wedding Planner had a great overview of what to expect for 2009 weddings. I couldn't resist to share with all of you. Here are the Top 10 Trends to look out for in 2009!!


Brides and grooms are starting to realize how expensive weddings can be, so you will be seeing alot more cost-savings in wedding planning this year. The following trends were taken from the WeddingReport.

1. Smaller weddings with a small group of invited guests

2. Popular colours will be blue and greens.

3. Increased use of online RSVPs vs. traditional mail-in RSVPs

4. Seeing more cheesecakes, cupcakes and miniature cakes as popular desserts

5. Destination weddings or destination type weddings closer to home

6. Buffet meals, Hors doeuvre, and cocktail receptions

7. Accent colours used in wedding dresses and cakes

8. October becomes the new June

9. Off-peak weddings; Mornings, Afternoons, Fridays, Sundays

10. Increased use of green and echo friendly products and services

Happy New Year!!! Stay tuned for a year of great tips and fabulous inspiration boards to help you in your wedding planning.

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