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CAKE! Done, Done & Done!

Monday, February 15, 2010

This past weekend, Ramon and I booked our baker, signed the contract and PAID IN FULL for our oh so delicious wedding cake.

We decided to go with Gala Bakery, a cakery located a few cities away from us. We decided to book with Andrea {owner of Gala Bakery} is because she's a down to earth kind of gal. Not only is her cakes amazingly moist, not too sweet {plus for us} and always pleasantly presented, we basically booked because the chemistry Ramon and I had with her. She seems like someone that will deliver what we're asking for. We have seen many cake disasters and we refused to be on that list! For us, the cake says a lot and we were determined to find the best baker around. But of course, having a guests list consisting of 275, we were limited to the bakers in our price range :( Not to fret, Gala Bakery made it all worth while.

Our second meeting with Andrea came with a second tasting. Yuuummmm!

And as you can see, we were not shy to dig in the mouth watering display. hehe

Ramon and I chose three flavors for our guests to indulged in.

1. Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling {I'm the choco lover}
2. Red Velvet with a Cream Cheese filling {Ramon's fav}
3. White cake with strawberry mousse filling topped with fresh strawberries

We are also serving a surprise 8 inch mini cake for my grandparents. They're very simple and only wish for a chocolate cake with no frosting for every occasion. Weather it be for their birthday, a holiday or just any old regular day, that is what they desire. So since my grandparents mean the world to me, I decided to make them feel special by surprising them with their favorite cake. Nothing more and nothing less than your simple chocolate cake.

The cake will be served to them on this tray provided by my baker. It is a cream rot-iron cake stand adorned with hanging crystals.

With the cake being such an important aspect of our wedding, we decided to incorporate our cake as the centerpiece of our cocktail hour. It will be displayed on this round granite table top located in the bar area.


This is our cake! Each tier will be 6 inches high, smoothly covered in an ivory butter cream frosting finished off by a thin layer of a shimmery dust.

In the center of each and every rose will be adorned with one of my DIY crystal accents.

Hanging swarovski crystals will hang on a 20 gauge gold wire over the top tier. It will be placed like the image below.

The cake will be sitting on top of a thick blanket of ivory and cream rose petals.

phew, i really hope it will turn out to be everything that I'm hoping it will be. eeek!


JIN said...

This was my favorite part of planning - the cake! lol...The flavors you chose sound delicious!

emseedubya said...

Awww the mini cake idea for your GP is sooo precious!

sony said...

I also love Red Velvet cake, yummmm! I love your cake stand. And I know everything will turn out much better than you could ever expect!

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

Yummm... cake! I'm sure everything is going to look beautiful!! I love that cake stand.

sony said...

Hey!! I'm not sure if you've gotten your unity candle yet, but Ijust saw a gorgeous set at, under their Vintage line that reminded me of you. It's so pretty.

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