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My Bridesmaids Hair Candy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Etsy love. Goodness gracious, I can never get enough of that place.
I've been searching for double gold headbands for my bridesmaids for quit some time now. I was actually starting to get a little discouraged because they were either too expensive, the band was too small for their heads, not the right color or it just didn't look right. So I turned to a sight that I've never disappointed me. Of course, Etsy was the sight who saved my headband escapade. And Gem Drop's Jewelry was the shop to deliver the goods.

I love how you can change up the style by crisscrossing the bands

These headbands are made of satin and silk. Each band measures out to be a quarter of an inch wide and has a silk covered elastic band to keep it from slipping.

For my ladies hair, I am going for a soft grecian feel. Up-do of course, soft curls adorned with these beauties. I'm using this picture as inspiration.

My Maid of Honor and I are going in for our hair and make up trials this Sunday. I'll be sure to recap with tons of pictures.


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My Dream Ring said...

So cute....

Faith said...

lucky, lucky bridesmaids!!! so beautiful!!!

sony said...

These are gorgeous & simple. I love them!

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