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Making RSVP life easier!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Invisible ink pens?...

Yup, that's right. When I first started planning my wedding, I saw a post on Project Wedding that raved about how useful an invisible ink pen can be for RSVPs. We've all heard the horror stories RSVPs can bring. Guests adding more than initially was annotated on the RSVP card, guests forgetting to write their names on the RSVP card, unable to read the guests hand writing and the list goes on and on. So I decided to take my friends advice and move forward with purchasing a "spy pen"

Here's how it works.

On the back of your RSVP card, simply write the invited guests name indicating how many seats will be reserved per RSVP. Guests will fill in the blanks accordingly {hopefully} and mail it back. Once you receive it and the information isn't properly filled, just flip the card over, see who this RSVP belongs to and make the next move.
IE: if you can't read the names your guests filled out, you'd have your handy dandy invisible notes available at hand!

I purchased 2 INVIS-ID via ebay for $19.99. And that includes shipping!! You can purchase your very own spy kit from this eBay seller.

As you can see in the image below, it comes with one spy pen, one ultra UV black light, 3 extra batteries and a case for your storing needs. It also comes with 5 stickers to post in your home, car, office ect to notify any potential robbers that all items have been securely marked.

Here is a sample of a marked item not being exposed under a UV black light.

And here it is with the markings revealed.

Not only will this tool be a life saver in the event of receiving our RSVP cards, it will also be a fun addition as to assembling them. {At least for Ramon it will. It'll keep him busy;)}

The extra plus of owning a spy pen is that you can mark all your valuables without anyone ever noticing. If by chance you get robbed {knock on wood} and the police find your belongings, they will scan each item with a UV black light to see who it belongs to and BAM, your identification information will be seen. Just make sure you write your name and telephone number.

Hope this helps for anyone who wants to play it safe for the "just in case" moments of handling your RSVPs.


My Dream Ring said...

That is WAYYYYY cool, gotta love PW for giving such great advice. I have been so luck that everyone who has RSVP'd has filled it out correctly.

JIN said...

that's genius!

Lauren said...

what a great idea!!

Sak said...

eat. drink. and get married**** awesome..I love the idea, ur blog- so elegant and sweet. I have to catch up with ur older posts. Thank you for following me. Have a funfilled weekend.

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