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Engagement Encounter: Second Session

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Again, so sorry for the absence of my being. I was sick with the worst case of "stomach flu" ever imagined. But now, I am happy to say, I'm 100 percent back into the blogging game.

Believe it or not, a lot of wedding stuff has happened since being sick. {i know, right?} So let's start at day one of my sickness.

Last week Wednesday was our second session of marriage prep and I must admit, I was not my "happy go lucky self". I was sicker than a dog. This was my first day of the stomach flu and I refused to miss my second session of marriage prep. I would just hate to be labeled "that couple" who doesn't show up to class. lol

So I went, in pure utter grossness. I felt like crap. Literally. But some how some way I made it through the night feeling like a better person.

Any who, this class was all about communication. How our communication was, is and how we hope it will be.

Our instructors directed each couple into our own private area throughout their home. We were given this booklet to work from.

Each of us had to carefully read each message, fill in the blanks and discuss each answer. Being that Ramon and I have been together since high school and were raised pretty much the same, it wasn't a surprise to hear a lot of the same answers we had. It was actually a relief. However, there were a few answers that both of us disagreed on and had a few deep discussions about. Such as: what would we do if we had a mentally challenged child? What would we do if one cheated on the other?, would we stay and work it out. Would we stick to our sacramental promise to our Lord; For richer or for poorer, for good or in bad, through thick and thin till death do us part? There were some toughies but we seemed to have made it through the night.

In between the readings and discussions, Ramon helped himself to our instructors treats. They served us cold water and cute little heart shaped cookies. I snaked on my home brought Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Fat Free Crackers. {<- was a must. Don't know what I would've done without it}

I was so proud of capturing a few glimpses of Ramon taking all seriousness into this course. To me, communication is the key. And to see him having such an open mind to our little discussions on each topic really gave me a sign of relief.

While he was able to stay on the straight and narrow, I found myself taking little breathers in between. At some points, I just felt like I was going to explode.

All in all, we finished the night feeling better as a couple. Feeling like we accomplished another chapter in our life. No wonder why the church requires these courses. Its filled with tons of information that a couple rarely ever speaks of. It really opened our world to something we've never considered. For that, I am grateful!


JIN said...

ha ha - love that last pic!

My Dream Ring said...

oh no, the stomach flu is the WORST, UGH! So glad you are feeling better.

Liz Martin said...

Marriage Prep is really awesome! Glad you are experiencing that together as a couple. It is alot of fun! So happy you are back 100% I've been missing you post! :-)

JIN said...

...I hope you and your fiance are able to go to the concert - it was so much fun! My cousin and I were in the nosebleed section and still partied our butts off, lol. I don't even know where she got the tickets, I think she knows someone who works at a radio station or something - I don't know, or didn't care to know - I just knew I was going somewhere for free and Jay-Z was gonna be there, lol...Just got around to posting pics and videos - hope you enjoy

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