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Look What I Just Got!

Friday, February 5, 2010

feast your eyes on these beauties!!! Who would've thought cake stands would be such a treat to look at? From the intricate details, to the metallic old gold finish and the dripping crystals will surely be an eye catcher at my wedding. Made by one of my favorite couture home decor shops, Opulent Treasures has outdone themselves once again. BRAVO! But truth be told, always wanted them, never could afford them until.... dun dun dunnnn, TJ MAXX graced their shelves with these mouth dropping, oh so fabulous cake stands!
I'm thinking of using them at our cigar bar. Maybe we could display our custom made matchboxes on one and a pretty little floral arrangement on the other.

{with no flash. Just her, in all her natural beauty}

So tell me, if these were yours, what would you use them for?

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Vera D. said...

I totally saw those at the TJ Maxx in Alameda! Love that place for the bargains, especially apothecary jars.

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