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DIY: Crystal Accents for Flower Arrangements

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am having a few centerpieces that will be full and lush. Although they'll already be as beautiful as can be, I still wanted to spruce them up a bit by incorporating some bling! So I decided to add crystal accents.

They will be placed as if it were in a bouquet. The only difference is that they will be clear crystals and will be placed in a few centerpieces.


STEP 1: Pull out your handy dandy bead caddy

{I just love this special compartment for all my beading tools}

STEP 2: Gather all your supplies

  1. crystal beads
  2. crimp beads
  3. wire {in this case I used a 20 gauge wire for durability purposes}
  4. wire cutters
  5. flat head crimper

STEP 3: Measure and cut your wire to desired length {in this case I measured at 7 inches. You should consult with your florist to get exact measurements}

STEP 4: Take your flat head crimper, bend at an angle {You will need this bend to ensure your crystal will not fall off stem}

STEP 5: Thread your crystal through stem. Make sure bend is performing it's duty.

STEP 6: Thread your crimp bead {This bead ensures proper placement of the crystal}

STEP 7: Using your flat head crimper, crimp bead to secure proper placement.

AND VOILA! A beautiful addition to your floral arrangements.



If you like this idea, decide to incorporate in your wedding and also blog about it, please give me credit and direct a link back to this blog. Thanks a bunch!!


Ebonee Monique said...

Good Job, honey!!!!

redwhitebride said...

WOW~ Great job!

Clueless Bride said...

Very creative, I love it :)

My Dream Ring said...

Those are way too did a great job!

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