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DIY: Wedding Party Newsletters

Monday, January 4, 2010

Since our wedding party is pretty much scattered all over the country, we decided to update them through newsletters. We've actually found this as a fun way to have everyone on the same page and also to get to know one another.

Such as our first newsletter...

Here is our front cover: tables of contents, message from us and a before and after shot of us.
Page 2nd and 3rd: Introducing TEAM GROOM! We also included interesting facts about each groomsman

Page 4th and 5th: Introducing TEAM BRIDE. We also included interesting facts about each bridesmaid.

Page 6: Here is where they found random updates such as: wedding party contact info, sneak peaks, wedding websites and dates to remember.


This newsletter was a little more detailed. Probably a little more overwhelming to some.

1st Page: Table of Contents and a message from us!

Page 2 & 3: Wedding Party Attire to include personal flowers

Page 4 & 5: Meal selections, personalized crossword puzzle, bachelor party (Vegas) and bridal party (Disneyland)

Page 6: Bulletin: Cocktail entertainment, dates to remember, video montage shoot and answer to the crossword puzzle.

Making these were a ton of fun. I suggest every bride and groom create one of these. It's not only great for your bridal party but it also reminds you where you're at in your planning. Or at least it did in mine! =)


Faith said...

You are so organized! I couldn't figure out how to do this when I was planning, lol.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Those are so great! I would love to do something like that as several of our party members are also spread across a couple states. Alas, they would flip out on me if I overwhelmed them with that stuff. Just sending an e-mail to them with info on tuxes flipped out several people and my sister (MOH) is having trouble getting my BM's to respond to her e-mails regarding my shower. But this is a fun way to give them all the info you want them to have! Well done.

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