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Our Gorgeous Linens!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I had the honor of working the "San Francisco Wedding Fair" which was held at the Four Seasons Hotel. It was a blast working for great people such as Connie and Karla. They sure know how to run a show! And please believe I was right by their side all the while taking mental notes. {Why? Because one day I inspire to be just like them! Successful coordinators who are top of their game!}

Any who, I managed to sneak away a few minutes for personal reasons. And that personal reason was my wedding! hehe. I just couldn't resist. All day I was drooling over this certain piece of art. This certain something that you can honestly say "it made my mouth drop!"

Ladies and Gents, here she is, in all her beauty!

{source: my camera phone}

Isn't she a sight to see? They call her a specialty linen that consists of hand crafted crystal beading. I give all credit to this amazing vendor, Hartmann Studios.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get any details. All I had time for was a quick snap shot of my dream linens, grabbed a few business cards and left a short yet genuine promise that I would be in touch with them sooner than later.

So what do you think? Do we have a winner?

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Faith said...

So GORGEOUS!! Your wedding is going to be unbelievable!!!

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