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HEADTABLE! Can I pull it off?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Creating a beautiful focal point for my husband-to-be and my bridal party is as important as important can be. These people have been so good to us, have been so supportive during our trials and tribulations and have always stood by our sides. So in my book, it's only right to give back a little of what they've given us by gracing them with a picture perfect table scape.
I want to bring all elements that are lush, abundant, textured, white, warm, elegant and topping everything off with a candlelight romance.

Below is an image that I earn to replicate. Isn't she a beauty?

Each bridesmaid bouquet will be showcased on a bed of green moss displayed in a white urn shown in the image below.
{source: Bride Sophisticate}
A candlelight setting will be incorporated by using stemmed hurricane votives. I'm using the image below as my inspiration. {ooooooh, aaaahhhhh! Goodness gracious! Just look at that table scape. Breathtaking, isn't it}

As far as linens, I am in a desperate search of scoring on affordable specialty linens or brainstorming a perfect swagged table linen using an ivory material, however, this is a subject in itself and will have to post about my linen adventure later ;)

I can't wait to get a move on with bringing this vision to life. I hope it will be all that I dream it will be. {crossing my fingers}


My Dream Ring said...

OF COURSE you can pull it off, you are uber talented and I just know it will be beautiful! I cannot wait to see it!

sony said...

Oh wow, this is sooooo delicious! I love, love, love it.

Faith said...

in my opinion you can pull off ANYTHING!!!!

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