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UGH! My Florist Escapade has RESTED!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Early last year, Ramon and I booked a florist as well as a Day of Coordinator to help our wedding day dreams come true. They lived about 2 hours away from us so it was very difficult to schedule a meeting with them. After many attempts, I scored on a meet up. That one fell through so we scheduled another one. And to my surprise, the day before, they dropped the ball on us and said they were no longer in business. Granted the reasons why they were leaving was absolutely understandable and I was nothing short of excited for their near future, however, in the back of my head I was scarred sh*tless. I was scarred that my wedding was not going to be all that I thought it would be. Yea, loosing one vendor, I could live with. But loosing two in the same day? HA! I'm sure you could imagine and some of you could relate to my stress.

So in good old "Jaryce" fashion, I scurried the yellow pages, surfed the net and read review after review until I stumbled upon 3 potential florists.

It wasn't until I met Laura Miller of Laura Miller Designs who immediately eased my anxiety and calmed my nerves. She graciously invited us to her home {very cute and cozy, which I may add} where she had charmingly displayed all her work.

After speaking with her for about an hour, we already knew, that she was the one! She was our saving grace, the answer to our prayers!

Back in January 2009, I had posted about the color blooms we chose. You can catch up on that post here. And in this meeting, "Oh Lucky Me", that's all we spoke about. The colors, textures and kinds of blooms we wanted.

We decided to carry on our color scheme through our flowers. We wanted something fresh, romantic, abundant, lush and elegant. And through that, we came to the conclusion of using the following flowers to grace us in all it's beauty!

{cream garden roses}

{white ivory roses}
{cream ranunculus}

{white ranunculus}

{white peony}

{cream peony}

{white hydrangeas}

{white dahlias}

{white snap dragons}

{curly willows}


We also decided on 4 different centerpieces that will be displayed on the 21 guest tables. 2 of which will be displayed as high centerpieces, one will act as a low centerpiece and the last will be a candle lit centerpiece. Our arrangements will be lush and extravagant. I can't wait to see it all in action come JUNE!!

Phew, you have no idea the relief I have of booking such a phenomenal, talented and sweet florist.

You can also check out her work on Martha Stewart and The Knot.


Vera D. said...

Love love love peonies, hydrangeas and ranunculus. Those will be in our arrangements as well! Best of luck and the Blackhawk is a great venue. :)

My Dream Ring said...

Yay on nailing that down. I can't wait to see your wedding come together, it is going to be gorgeous :)

Shannon and Jesse said...

What a pretty selection!

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