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DIY URNS - Head Table

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Going off my previous post, I have decided to recreate the below image by making my own urns.

I went around looking for the perfect sized urns. Not too big, nor too small. Something just right! Not overpowering but definitely makes a statement.

I went to Beverly's {my local craft store} and came across these! PERFECTO! At $14.99 each, I just had to have em. But when I realized that was $14.99 times 10 {bridesmaids} I started second guessing it.... hhmmmm... oh well! Gotta have em!

To replicate the first image above the first thing that came to mind was PAINT!! =) I jetted Home Depot and purchased this

to spray the outter area of the urn. Two coats did the job. To create a little more detail, I decided to spray paint the inside with this...

{ooooh aaaaah}

And to make it juuuust right, Ramon and I hand painted the outter edge in a pretty metallic gold using this kind of paint

{oooooh aaaaaah}

And VOILA! A beautiful, easy, peasy DIY project that will be sure to wow our guests!

Don't you think these bridesmaid bouquets

will look fabulous in these urns?


sony said...

Loves it!!

Nicole said...

I absolutely love this idea!! My maid of honor would love to this for a centerpiece for my bridal shower. What size urn did you use?

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