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Monday, January 4, 2010

hehehe, did I get your attention? lol

So, months ago I came across these pictures

and knew right then and there, THESE would be perfect for my bridal shower aka my little garden tea party!
So after months of making a mental note of this, I randomly came across these juice jugs from Bed Bath and Beyond for only $19.99 each. Not a bad price since I'll be reusing these babies for future parties we'd be hosting ;) After a few minutes of debating {and when I say a few minutes, I mean a few seconds!} I decided to get them! 3 of em!

The jugs are approximately 14 inches high and the stand alone gives it an additional 9 inches in height.
After much thought, I came to the conclusion that these jugs just couldn't be alone. They needed some company. Some "pretty" company. So why not use my pretty little coffee pot?

and next to it, I'll display sugar cubes like so.... {this will be a simple DIY project by using sugar frosting to recreate the rose effect}}

And with all of the above, I believe I will have the perfect beverage bar for my bridal shower!
What do you think?
If you're interested in purchasing the above juice jugs, there are described as the Del Sol 6-Quart Cold Beverage Dispenser with Stand. Check em out here.

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My Dream Ring said...

I love your JUGS as well, LOL! I purchased two from TJ Maxx for $12.99 each, I snatched them up so fast!

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